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Each visitor of this site is not required to provide any personal information unless he chooses to do so. When submitting his personal information by clicking on the 'send' button, the visitor consents to the content of this Privacy Policy and accepts the conditions set out herein. The access to this site, as well as the provision of a high-quality customer service more generally, implies the computerised processing of personal data relating to the customer. By signing an access contract for the Internet Service with MFIE, the customer consents to these data being processed by computer in the interests of the efficient management of his file. MFIE undertakes to comply with all the legal provisions by which it is bound with regard to the protection of privacy when processing personal data relating to the customer. The customer can refuse this type of computerised management, but in that case, the implementation of the Internet Service may be impossible. The customer has a right to access and correct the said information in accordance with the legislation relating to the processing of personal data in force in Belgium.

Information available on the site

The material available on the site whatever its nature (financial or other) is provided for information purposes only. This information is based upon sources of information which MFIE believes to be reliable. However, no guarantee nor warranty of any kind, express or implied, is given by MFIE as to the accuracy, up-to-date nature, completeness or, more generally, the quality or the reliability of the said information and no officers, directors or employees employed within MFIE or any company on behalf of which the aforementioned persons provide any services, accept any liability or responsibility in respect of the information expressed herein. The information on this website should neither be regarded as an offer nor a solicitation to buy, sell or otherwise deal with any investment referred to herein. This information has no value in terms of legal, accounting or fiscal advise and is only valid at the time given. It cannot appropriately substitute the knowledge and skills of the user. This information may be withdrawn or modified at any time without prior warning. This information may originate from third parties, in which case MFIE has no control over content thereof. Neither may MFIE be held responsible in relation to the user for any direct or indirect consequences resulting from use of this information, other than in case of wilful misrepresentation or serious offence on its part.


There may be links to other third party sites not controlled by MFIE ; however, by granting such access, MFIE does not in any way accept any liability with regard to the content, services, products or materials offered on these sites.

Access to the site

In so far as the site “www.valuesignals.com” can be accessed from anywhere in the world, it is the responsibility of any person connecting to the site to comply with the laws of the country in which they are resident and/or using the service and that person will bear any direct or indirect consequences resulting from non-compliance with these legal and regulatory requirements. MFIE cannot under any circumstances be held liable for such violation. MFIE nevertheless reserves the right to impose geographical limits on access to its site.

Delay applied to indexes and listings

The attention of the users is particularly drawn to the fact that, for specific technical reasons and in order to meet the requirements of some stock exchanges, indexes and stock-exchange prices are transmitted with a time delay of approximately 15 to 30 minutes. On no account may MFIE be held liable for errors or delays applied to quotations and indexes, or for the direct or indirect consequences thereof.


In the event of force majeure or the occurrence of an event outside the control of MFIE, the latter may interrupt or be obliged to interrupt all or part of the service, without prior notice. Whenever possible, MFIE will in particular give notice of times when the service will be interrupted and will take all necessary measures to re-establish a connection in the shortest time possible. However, MFIE cannot in any circumstances be held responsible for such interruptions and/or delays in re-establishing the service unless there has been gross negligence on its part. Similarly, MFIE cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damage of any kind, in particular and not limited to damage resulting from the interruption, withdrawal or malfunction of the service, notably in the event of maintenance or restoration of the computer service, technical breakdown of the computer system, overloading of the Internet network, cutting of the telephone line, error, negligence or fault by the Internet Service providers, third parties or clients, or a virus derived from the Internet. MFIE shall not be held liable in the event of problems attributable to the defective operation or poor configuration or general use of the visitor's computer equipment or where the computer equipment used by the visitor is not sufficiently powerful. The same shall be true for any loss or damage that connection to the service and/or the use of any software thereon may cause to the visitor's computer equipment (hardware, software …) or to stored data. All information sent by MFIE to visitors to its site or to its customers at their request shall be sent under their responsibility and at their risk and peril in accordance with their knowledge of the risks involved in the Internet network. In no circumstances shall MFIE be held liable for poor reception or non-receipt of any information sent by it to visitors or to its customers or vice versa. MFIE Capital is not a registered investment advisor.

Use of information - intellectual property rights

The site " www.valuesignals.com " constitutes a protected work in respect of intellectual property. In a general sense, the property rights of MFIE and its suppliers must be respected. The customer shall not acquire any property right in respect of software, programs, information, applications or instructions made available to him by MFIE. The latter only grants him a right of use. The customer undertakes to respect the rules of use issued by MFIE and shall refrain from making any copies, modifications or adaptations and shall not make them available to third parties. All these elements and information must not be resold or redistributed by any means whatsoever. If such a situation occurs MFIE will be forced to terminate the access to the website.

Applicability of the General Terms and Conditions Internet

For everything not provided herein, the General Terms and Conditions Internet in due force between the customer and MFIE Capital shall apply.