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Use strategies designed by the greatest stock market investors of all time or create your own custom screens and start beating Mr. Market and the pros!

Valuesignals stock screener

You don't have to be a pro to use our screener

Our screener comes with a set of pre-built templates based on academic papers and ideas spread by some of the top performing stock market investors of all time! Just select a template from the list and discover which stocks these investors would buy according to their strategy. We use only the best quality data sourced from just 1 premium data provider so you can be sure that the results are accurate. Read more about our most popular templates

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Build your own custom screen in our excel-style grid

You have complete control over the filters, so you can fine tune an existing template or simply start from scratch. Set up any number of filters in 1 or more dimensions, sort by a column and save your screen to your favorites. The screen then becomes available in the cloud and is accessible from any device. Read more about our stock screener in the user guide

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Our screener is quick and now also fully dynamic!

When you filter on countries, markets, industries or for instance remove companies below a certain market cap threshold, our screener dynamically recalculates all relative ratios based on your filtered stock universe. This unique feature allows you to use screens such as the Magic Formula and O'Shaughnessy's trending value as per the design of the authors. Performing the same calculations in excel can easily take the best part of an hour. Our stock screener calculates all the factors in just a few seconds. Read more about our dynamic factor calculation in the stock screener user guide

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Select only the factors you're interested in

We offer over 60 carefully selected metrics but the most powerful strategies only focus on a handful. (less is more!) Fine tune your screening grid by only selecting the value, quality or momentum metrics you need. Read more about the supported factors in the glossary

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Create your own custom factors on the fly

Do you like the ideas behind the Greenblatt Magic Formula but you prefer using a different quality or value factor? Build your own Magic Formula style factors on the fly and use these factors to filter, sort or include them in multilevel factor analysis. Read more about the custom factors in the stock screener user guide

stock screener columns selectors

Keep an eye on your portfolio or watchlist

Create one or more watchlists using our quick-entry screen and use this to monitor your stock portfolios or watchlists directly in our stock screener. Read more about watchlists in the stock screener user guide

stock screener columns watchlists

Get a bird's eye view on a stock using our scorecard

Drilling down on a stock takes you to the scorecard view where you can instantly see how the stock compares to its peers according to a comprehensive set of value, quality, momentum and composite factors. See the Piotroski f-score in an intuitive bullet chart and drill down to see the details on each of the 9 signals. The Piotroski f-score history report shows you how the score evolved over time. This scorecard was built with the help of many experienced value investors and we think this feature really makes a difference when evaluating and selecting stocks. Read more about our scorecard in the scorecard user guide

value stock scorecard

Easily export your data to excel

If you want to take a snapshot or you're more familiar with excel to do your slicing and dicing, just click on the export button. Read more about exporting to excel in the user guide

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Try our screener now and take your stock selection to a whole new level.

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