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Our scorecard lays out the most important value, quality, growth and momentum factors, making stock selection easier than ever before.

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Peer comparison made easy

Stocks can look cheap overall, but how do they compare to the peers in their industry, industry group and sector? Our scorecard displays both the median and the percentile in each group. Our traffic light & meter system helps you to get an instant understanding of whether the stock is relatively cheap or not. Read more about peer comparison in the user guide

Our scorecard is fully dynamic and each ratio is calculated based on the filtered stock universe of your last stock screen. If you selected for instance only North American stocks which are not listed on the OTC or pink sheets and have a market cap in excess of $200m, all percentiles, medians and composite scores will be calculated based on this filtered dataset.

company peer comparison

Instant health assessments

A company might be in distress, but is it showing signs of improving financial strength? Is it likely to go bankrupt in the near future? Does it look like the company has been manipulating earnings? Find answers to these questions in our Piotroski F-score, Altman Z-score and Beneish M-score bullet charts. Do you want to know how the Piotroski score was calculated and how it evolved over time? Get a full report in which every signal is described in detail. You can also use our Piotroski F-score history to compare the signals to previous periods. Read more about health assessment in the user guide

company health assessment

How does the stock rank on the Magic formula?

The majority of our subscribers use our stock screener to search for Magic Formula stocks. We included a section on the scorecard that includes the Greenblatt Magic formula but also its relative position in the total universe of stocks. The same star rating system is available for our own ERP5 ranking and this makes it very easy to understand whether a company has a good score. Read more about the Magic Formyla and ERP5 in the user guide

company magic formula

Is the stock cheap overall?

Instead of just looking at individual factors, O'Shaughnessy created composite (VC) factors which combine 5 to 6 value and quality factors. During his extensive backtests, he found that these VCs beat all the single factors. Our scorecard provides these factors and variants based on industry, industry group and sector. This gives an extremely powerful assessment of the relative cheapness of stocks. Read more about O'Shaughnessy's Value Composites & peer comparison in the user guide

scorecard value composites

Try our scorecard now and take your stock selection to a whole new level.

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