Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to common questions about Valuestockscreener. If you don’t find the answer to your question, visit the Contact page to submit your questions.


Free alternatives can prove to be very useful for quick and basic analysis and some of them cover quite a significant range of factors. However, to implement a long term investment strategy based on back-tested quantitative models, you need a high quality, reliable database. This is exactly what we offer.

Our database is refreshed twice a week with data sourced from our premium data provider. Our algorithms detect mistakes and errors and ensure that these are filtered out as much as possible.

Our screener also covers many models and factors which are simply not supported by any of these free alternatives. (O'Shaughnessy trending value, Greenblatt Magic Formula, ERP5, etc...)

We keep our overhead to the bare minimum, which allows us to provide our premium screener at a significantly reduced price compared to out direct competitors.

Read more about different free and premium screeners on this free informative site. On this site you will also find an independent review and comparison of our trending value screen compared to the one offered by Stockopedia.

German speakers should read Stefan Mohr's review of our screener and his views on why it does add value compared to free alternatives. To read this article, click here: click here

Our screener only shows its full potential when used consistently over a long period of time. We also made sure that all functionality is documented in detail in the documentation section. We currently don't offer a trial period.

If you pay by transfer, you don't have to do anything. Your subscription will run until the expiry date and it will end automatically.

If you pay by credit card or paypal, the subscription will renew automatically. On the expiry date stripe/paypal will automatically deduct the quarterly/yearly fee and send us a confirmation.

If you wish to cancel the subscription, follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the member screen.
  2. Click on the 'Access' button next to account settings.

  3. Click on the Plan menu item. There you get an overview of your subscription history.

  4. Click on the 'Cancel/Unsubscribe' button. Credit card subscriptions will be cancelled immediately and the cancellation date will be displayed. For paypal subscriptions you will be forwarded to your paypal account and it will select your valuestockscreener paypal subscription after logging on. Here you can cancel it.

After following these easy steps no further charges should be incurred on your credit card or paypal account.

If you pay by PayPal or credit card (Stripe) your subscription will renew automatically. Until the subscription is cancelled, your credit card is charged automatically after the expiration of the prepaid period.

If you pay by transfer, your subscription will not renew automatically. It will stop at the end of the subscription period.

To be able to subscribe you have to become a registered customer first. Click on sign up and fill in your username, email address and password.

After you have created a new account, click on get access next to Screener/ Newsletter.

After choosing your subscription plan, click on subscribe. You can pay by credit card or transfer.

Your password can be changed here : reset your password . This is also available in the login screen .


Small investors usually limit their portfolios to only hold stocks listed on stock markets in a certain country. We offer 3 different plans that cater for each type of investor's needs.

In summary:

  • The premium plan covers the full stock universe.
  • A professional plan usually covers a continent.
  • A basic plan usually covers a subregion.

All subscriptions include the full screener including all templates, models and factors. The section below provides a detailed view of all subsciptions, the countries covered and the number of stocks in each market.

Subscribers to the premium plan have access to the complete set of data. The following table shows the number of stocks covered, split by region:

We also offer 3 professional subscriptions: Americas, Asia and Europe. Here's the list of countries covered by each subscription and the number of stocks:

Finally, we have 3 basic subscriptions which provide the same functionality but only cover a sub-region. In the Americas, we offer the following basic subscriptions: Canada, United States and South America. Here's the stock markets covered by each subscription:

In Europe, we offer 4 basic subscriptions: Eastern, Northern, Southern and Western Europe.

In Asia, we have 6 basic subscriptions: Australia & New-Zealand, China & Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore and South Korea.

In the Middle East, we offer 1 basic subscription: Israel.

Yes, you can customize the view of your screen. In our stock screener you can use template screens based on several famous theories or build your own favorite screen.

If you want to customize your screen, please follow these steps:

  1. Launch the screener.
  2. Select your criteria (primary factor, country, sector, stock market, currency,...) you want to include in your filter. The screener will automatically show the companies that correspond to your filter.
  3. Decide on a order of the columns. You can drag and drop the columns in an order you want.
  4. Save your customized screen in My Favorite Screens.