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author Olivier Dambrine - July 27, 2016

The ValueSignals community is growing at a fast pace as the word of mouth is spreading and a growing number of investors move from gut feeling investing to a more systematic, quantitative style of investing. Over the years we have attracted a large group of stock market enthusiasts, ranging from investment professionals (hedge fund managers, investment newsletter editors, ... ) to novice investors still learning the ropes.

While the stock screener imposes a fixed set of criteria to come up with a list of stocks to purchase, we each use our own filters to select stocks in specific regions, industries or that meet other criteria. The screener also offers quite a few template models that correspond to different investment methodologies.

At the start of the year we added the scorecard, which provides a very simple and intuitive bird's eye view of a company showing the details behind the different key health indicators such as the Piotroski F-score. We also added over 100 measures in the background to make it very easy to compare the company to other companies in the same sector, industry group or industry. We also integrated the google newsfeed and added links to leading financial websites. Finally we added a dynamic glossary, that dives 1 level deeper and shows the calculations behind each of the ratios.

But even with all this data, our members do their due diligence and search for more details on the company and insightful articles. These articles may be in local language or published on websites that are popular in their home country but unheard of anywhere else. This step is elementary since we want to make sure that we for instance don't invest in companies that have just been subject to a takeover offer or some other stock price impacting event.

Many of you also expressed the need to be able to bounce some ideas off the larger community. We all have our different views on stocks and an investment idea supported by other experienced members could make a stronger case for investing. Other members could also have some strong reasons why they would not invest in a particular stock.

Today we're proud to announce our new Posts functionality. Posts can be created in the posts section of the scorecard or in the general posts section. Members can add comments to each post and contribute to the discussion. Or you can simply like the post to express your support. Finally, you could just read the posts as they come in and follow the discussions. Posts can be viewed by everyone and members can adopt a different public username to make them anonymous.

We're very excited about this functionality and we're looking forward to the great ideas and discussions that will be posted on this forum. As always, this functionality has been designed with the help of our members so we thank all of you that have contributed. If you have any ideas on how to make this functionality even better, do not hesitate to contact us. We really appreciate your help!