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author Olivier Dambrine - January 11, 2016

Value Stocks Screener 3.0

Whilst we were updating our glossary, we introduced a nice new feature to our stock screener. In November 2014, we have switched to the Global Industry Classification Standard, making our industry classification much more accurate. In the stock screener, we allow users to select all stocks belonging to an industry. Industries are grouped by industry group and by clicking on the group, all industries in the group are selected. We didn't yet support an easy way to select all stocks belonging to a specific sector. Read more about our industry filter by clicking here.

We now provide a new GICS treeview that presents the GIC classification in a treeview. It starts by showing the sectors. By clicking on a sector you can see the industry groups belonging to it and for each industry group you can reveal the industries.

Clicking on a sector, industry group or industry will take you to the screener and set the industry filter accordingly. Go to the new GICS Treeview now.