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author Philip Vanstraceele - July 15, 2012

At MFIE Capital, our objective is to help you implement a systematic long term investment strategy that works. We invest a lot of time in backtesting and research and keep fine-tuning the models performance. Where our initial screening methodologies were based on models published by best selling authors, we are now confident our latest research provides critical insights in how to achieve alpha.

In order to make it easier for all our users to put this latest research in practice we developed a brand new screener. It inherits all features that made our screener unique but adds new innovative features that will take the screening process to the next level. In an effort to stay ahead of our competition, we decided to perform a complete overhaul of both the platform and the user interface. It took us many months of development, but we're excited about the fact that we've been able to pack so many great new features in this release:

  • Global stock screening. Now you can find the best ranking shares globally!
  • Min-max range filtering. Now you can select any decile or quintile using this improved range slicer. You can easily select the best or worst performing slice of the stock universe and then add additional filtering or sorting on this selection. This is one of the capabilities that differentiated our screener from our competition. This new features now makes this even better.
  • Results aging filter. This helps to filter out all companies where the quarterly results loaded are more than 6 months old, 1 year old etc..
  • Currency selector. This allows you to show the numbers in your currency of choice.
  • Improved details for individual stocks. We now display for instance how the company performed on each of the 9 piotroski score components.
On top of that we invested a significant amount of time making our screening technology state of the art:
  • Our screener is now 100% web standards compliant and runs great in all major browsers and devices. You can now use the screener on an ipad, iphone, etc.. There's no plugin required!
  • It leverages the incredible power of HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript to bring you a nice and interactive user interface.
  • It remembers your last screen and will always open this one first when you come back to it. This way you don't always have to reconfigure it to your preferences, even if you log on from a different device!
  • It automatically adjusts to the size of your screen so you can see more stocks and KPIs without having to use the scrollbars.
  • We rebuilt the backend from scratch looking to squeeze out the maximum responsiveness possible. Our new AJAX UI refreshes the data right after every filter update and only brings in the numbers displayed in the screen, making our screener as fast as it gets.

There's many more features and we invite you to have a look and discover what it can do for you. We're very excited about this major new release and hope you will like it as well!

Kind regards

Phillip & Olivier