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author Olivier Dambrine - March 15, 2015

Mumbai Stock MArket

A few weeks ago we took some important steps to improve our database. We switched from the Thomson Reuters Business Classification scheme (TRBC) to the Global Industry Classification scheme (GICS). While this change required a significant effort to adjust all screeners, it increased the number of stocks from 22.700 to just over 24.000. The data is now more accurate than ever before and the impact was most apparent on the Asian markets.

Our screener already covers more stocks compared to our competitors but today we have taken another big step to increase our coverage in Asia. I'm proud to announce that from today onward we include a total of 3.357 Indian stocks, most of which are listed on the Mumbai stock market. This brings us to a record total of 27.381 stocks!

Why India?

India's rapid growth offers tremendous opportunity for both local and foreign investors and we wanted to provide the same proven quantitative investment models for the Indian companies and their most important stock market. For investors who want to learn more about this market, I highly recommend Rahul Saraogi's excellent book:

Value Investing India

Our Premium and Professional - Asia subscribers will now be able to include Indian stocks in their favorite screens. They can apply the Greenblatt Magic formula, O'Shaughnessy trending value and many other template screens to the Indian stock universe. Finally they can use all our value, price and quality factors to assess the stocks they're investigating. They can use for instance the Beneish factor to assess the likelyhood of earnings manipulation. They can use the Piotroski F-Score to find value opportunities that are profit-making, have improving margins, don't employ any accounting tricks and have strengthening balance sheets.

To give all investors the opportunity to benefit we created a new low cost Basic subscription - India plan which makes all this high quality information available for only €15/month or €149/year.