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author Olivier Dambrine - February 19, 2017

Our stock screener allows you to create a wide range of screens. Some users focus on just a few factors but others build multi-layered screens, taking subsets of subsets based on different value, quality or momentum factors. Users will typically store these screens as favourites and gradually build up a portfolio based on this list. They will review these positions periodically and if these companies are still in the model, they will hold on to their stocks for a bit longer.

But what happens if you can't find your stock in the list? Stock data and quarterly results get refreshed on a daily basis and these changes could make a stock drop out of the list. In the past, it could take quite some time to figure out the exact reason why a particular stock is no longer included in the list. Filters are set at the template level, at the filter menu level or in different layers of a multifactor analysis. On top of this, the table column filters allow the end result to be filtered on any column available in the grid.

Now there's an easy way. Just hit the 'Where is my company?' button and get a list of all filters currently enforced by the screener. Enter a stock in the search text box and the system will check all filters. It then explains on exactly which filter the company failed and its value. In the example above, Wabash meets all filters except for the factor 2 on earnings yield, where it's outside the 0-10 range. Wabash is actually in percentile 13 so that's why it's not included in the list. Checking all these filters now happens in a matter of seconds!

We're very excited about this new functionality and had lots of fun testing it. We think it will save a lot of time and from now on, it's available in all plans!